How to Search Our Gallery

For your convenience, you may search our collection  by choosing from various categories.  The two main categories are  the size and style of the item. Below, we present some guidelines to help you select the right carpet for your needs.

SIZE:   Most oriental rugs were made in size categories. For determining the right  size category for your requirements, your personal taste should be the  main factor.  Nevertheless, be aware of practical factors that we  recommend to our clients:

  • Stay away from walls at least 1 foot.
  • Do not attach carpets to fire place fronts.
  • In most cases 4x6 size will be too small as a center piece in a living room, especially with a coffee table.
  • In dinning room, make sure the selected carpet is wide enough, so  that the chairs will not get off the carpet once pulled away from the  table.  For average size dinning room you should consider a carpet  that is at least 7 Feet wide.
  • In extra large rooms you might want to consider using two or more  carpets, instead of one large piece, especially if you are decorating the room with more than one set of furnitures.
  • In bedrooms you have the option of using one large carpet, even though part of it will be covered by the bed, or using several matching or complementing rugs to surround the bed.

STYLE:   Oriental rugs are made in many different  styles based on the Origins and the purpose the carpets were made for  originally.  Many Tribal rugs were made for the use of the weavers and most city rugs were made for export purposes.

Once again for your convenience we have selected our collection in four basic categories, but by all means do not concentrate  only on one category.  You might find your dream rug in a different  category.

    TRIBAL: Tribal rugs are mostly with medium range of colors and the patterns are somehow more primitive. With Caucasian and Turkish tribal rugs almost  everything is in geometric patterns. CAUCASIAN,  TURKOMAN,QASHQA'I, AFSHAR,  ETC.

    FLORAL: These are basically carpets that are made with curvilinear patterns,  many with central medallion motif. Most of these carpets are city carpets and considered by some as more traditional. KASHAN, ISPHAHAN, KIRMAN, SAROUKMASHADTABRIZ, SENNA , ETC.

    GEOMETRIC: These are carpets that are made with straight linear patterns, many with central medallion.HERIZ.

    ABSTRACT FLORAL:   These are carpets that are basically made with large scale floral patterns with more straight lines.  Many consider these as more decorative.  MAHAL, SULTAN ABAD, OUSHAK, AMRITSAR, ETC.

    ART DECO: These  are original Art Deco carpets of 1920 and 1930's, many made in China.


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