The following is some of the services we provide to our clients:


We will find for you the best value for your budget when you are looking for any type of antique oriental rugs. We will trade in your antique carpets for you or purchase it at market value.


Our staff will assist you to determine the type of cleaning that is the best for your precious antique carpet, even museum quality period items. Most cleanings are done in our premises, under the professional supervision of our staff, or will be shipped to the most reputable rug-cleaning specialists of the industry.


If your carpet needs any type of minor or major restorations, we will provide you the most possible professional service. These works may include repairs of raveling edges, loose fringes, holes of various sizes, moth damage, or repiling of worn areas.


We will appraise your antique rugs for all purposes, such as insurance, estate settlements, or resale evaluations.


We will store your items in our premises and look after it when you cannot do it on your own for various reasons.

You are cordially invited to contact us for further information.