This page is designed to share with you events and Museum visits and illustarte the best collections of rare rugs, carpets, tapestries and textiles I have personally viewed. I hope you will find it useful and educational. The descriptions of each item, if available, is folowing each photo or group of photos. If you comments to improve this site or you have your suggestions of adding your own experience to this site I will be happy to share the page with you. Your comments are highly appreciated and welcomed.

Indian Textiles, 1,000 years of art and design.
Jim Dixon Collection
Sotheby's New York European sale including Rothchild Savonnerie.
Amazing collection of rugs and carpets.
Woven Interiors
The Fine Rugs and Carpets Auction Sunday, January 31, 2021
Rare textile s and costumes
Nice collection of Chinese carpets
Great collection of rugs and tapestries with special events exhibitions.
Very interesting museum, I found there some nice textiles.
Few nice tapestries but could not find any carpets.
I had the privilege of attending the opening night. A remarkable event.
My first visit at ICOC and I enjoyed it.
Outsanding Chinese sale with many interesting carpets.
The cloisters museum is a must see for its magnificent tapestries.
An exceptional sale that included few period items including a unique Polonaise rug.
A magnificent mansion in Long Island NY with some interesting carpets.
There are some very nice rugs and carpets exhibited in this building.
Some nice European carpets. Not very impressive
The Exceptional Sale with throughly exceptional Chinese carpet.
Masada Museum at the Dead Sea in Israel includes exhibition of rare early textiles.
The magnificent Ballard Collection at the St Louis Museum