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Antique Tapestry 5'0'' X 8'8'', Item # 6521

Origin: FRANCE
Circa: 18 Century
Size/Feet & Inches: 5'0'' x 8'8''
Size/Meters: 1.52 x 2.64
Item Number: 6521


A French Felletin pastoral tapestry panel from the first half of the 18th century, depicting a seated youth playing the bagpipes and courting a seated young woman, flanked by two sheep, within an extensive landscape with a tree to the right-hand side, flower sprays in the foreground and a castle in the background. Enclosed within a ribbon-tied entwined floral trailing border with ribbons at the angles and within beige and brown outer slips. Wool with silk inlay.


Antique tapestry - # 6521
Antique tapestry - # 6521
Antique tapestry - # 6521