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Antique Tapestry 10'8'' X 11'6'', Item # 3845

Circa: 17 Century
Size/Feet & Inches: 10'8'' x 11'6''
Size/Meters: 3.25 x 3.51
Item Number: 3845


An antique 17th century Brussels mythological tapestry, size 11'6 H x 10'8 W, from the workshop of the renowned weaver, Jan Leyniers, after cartoons by Charles Le Brun and François Bellin for the landscapes. The set was rewoven many times with some variations in diverse workshops. It is one of the very first set invented by Charles Le Brun before he became the First Painter of the King Louis 14th and director of the Gobelins workshop. A similar set was part of the collection of Louis 14th. The tapestry depicts The Story of Meleager and Atalanta, with the heroic hunter Meleager presenting his beloved Atalanta with the head of Boar of Calydon, after slaying the beast and stopping its devastation of the land. Enclosed within an elaborate border of flowers, hunting trophies, and a boar's head. Wool with silk inlay. Excellent condition.


Antique tapestry - # 3845