Oriental Rugs Dictionary


Tabriz is the capital of the Turkish speaking Persian Azerbaijan, situated in the northwestern part of Iran (Persia). Under the control of the Seljuks, Back in the 13th Century, Tabriz became an important weaving center, and by the 16th Century the city became one of the leading producers of carpets in the east. As in many other city rug weaving centers, production declined till the later part of the 19th Century, when the revival of the weaving industry brought to some magnificent results in Tabriz. Most of these works of art ended up in the American markets, and being of excellent quality many of these samples still exist in various collections.

Tabriz rugs were made in many different styles, some in silk, and colors were mostly soft and in earth tone pallets. Therefor these carpets are of a great interest to the interior designers who look for a fine decorative Persian carpet of the highest quality.

The name Haji Jalili is occasionally heard in connection with some of the finest Tabriz carpets of the late 19th Century. Coming from the town of Marand, some 40 miles northwest of Tabriz, Haji Jalili owned workshops that produced small quantities of outstanding carpets. His carpets inspired other weavers at the beginning of the 20th Century, but most of these carpets were of a lesser quality.

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