Oriental Rugs Dictionary


From all Turkoman weaving, the work of the Salor has the tightest, most dense knotting, so some carpets may split or crack if folded carelessly. Salor weaving has a hard, lustrous pile, which often includes a small amount of silk. In common with early Tekke weavings, the Salor use an obscure red dye made from insects which appear not to be Cochineal. The dye tends to corrode the wool, and has a dense matt appearance.

Salor guls in older pieces show a family resemblance with the quarted guls of Saryk, Tekke, and Ersari.

No cotton is used in the pile, since the Saloe were able to use a natural white wool, nor is it found in the foundation. On the other hand, unlike most Turkoman, the Salor used a brown wool dyed with a corrosive black dye to outline designs and motifs.