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Buccleuch European Carpets

Boughton House, Near Kettering in Northamptoshire, is the family seat of the Dukes of Buccleuch and Queensberry. One of the great houses of England, its contents include a wealth of furniture, silver, paintings, tapestries and other works of art, acquired by succeding genarations of the Montogu Douglas Scott family since the 16 Century. The house is also home to 18 knotted pile carpets, 14 of them well-known types of Ottoman Turkish, Safavid Persian and Mugal Indian weaving. Of particular interest, however, are the remaining 4 carpets with designs closely based on Anatolian star Oushak and Lotto arabesque models, but embllished with heraldic devices linking them to the family in 3 instances and in 2 cases, with inwoven dates. These are undoubtedly of late 16 Century European manufacture, and have traditionally been thought to have made either in England or Flanders.