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Senna (Seneh)

Scholars dispute the origin of the name Senna. The capital of Persian Kurdistan is called Sanandaj, and some believe it was formerly called Senna, but others believe that as in the case with Lavar Kirman, Senna originally was the name of a village outside Sanandaj, and since it produced the highest quality weavings of the region, the name was adopted for the entire region’s weavings by the western dealers.

Senna has long been famous for its unusually fine weavings, which include both pile rugs and flat woven kilims of the highest quality. Room size carpets were quite rare although some very fine samples could be found in various collections. The paisley (boteh) motif was widely used and the wool was usually taken from young sheep.  The rugs were woven with Turkish knot although paradoxically the term “Senna” is an alternative name for the Persian knot.  Senna rugs and carpets woven on silk foundations are very rare, and some of those are made on a silk “rainbow” warp using seven different colors of silk.